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Telecommunications is defined by sending and receiving information over a certain distance. These information can be signs, writing, sounds or complete messages. The information is transmitted wired, wireless or through optic systems like lightwaves or optic fibre.

The analog and digital way of transmitting have to be differentiated:

An analog transmission works through continuous signals. Acoustic vibrations (the voice of a person for example) are being transformed into electric signals that can be transmitted over a wiring network (such as the telephone lines).

Digitally transmitted data are being transfered as 0's and 1's. They can be represented by a numbering system, therefore are digital. The ISDN technology that is based on this system exists since 1993 in Germany.

ISDN stands for "Integrated Service Digital Network". Via ISDN phone calls as well as faxes and date (like e-mails) can be transmitted.

Lieske-Elektronik offers a large number of telecommunications systems, telephones and telephone accessories.

We offer cell phones, wired and wireless phones, system phones, emergency phones and industrial phones.

Of course you can also order all kinds of telephone accessories like audio conferencing systems[/link], video conferencing systems, headsets, telephone jacks, overvoltage protectors and distributors.

Also interphones, radio equipment, faxes, answering machines and VoIP (Voice over IP) products can be ordered here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime. We surely can find the right product that fits your needs. Hotline: +49-7666-88499-0.






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