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Backup tapes and Catridges


Due to their high memory capacity and cost efficiency, these tapes are used mainly for the backup of server data.
A distinction is made between cassetes and cartridges.
Over time, different kinds of drives and methods have been established.

LTO tape drives work by a longitudinal recording method. That means, data exist on single tracks throughout the whole lenght of the magnetic tape. Here a distinction is made between two tape formats. "Ultrium" is optimized for high memory capacities, while "Acceslis" is optimized for a short access time.

The digital linear tape (DLT) has become a standard in the area of high-end PC servers. The data are being recorded via longitudinal recording method. Other than all other linear methods, the DLT technology works with one coil only.

The super digital linear tape (SDLT) are based on DLT drives, but work by magnetic tape heads. Due to the new read-after-write method, a higher data integrity can be achieved, compared to DLT.

The digital audio tape (DAT)was designed for high quality audio recordings. Due to the high memory capacity, DAT is used mainly by the middle-class industry.

The digital data storage (DDS) is an advancement of DAT. It uses a helical recording method to record the data. DDS has is less vulnerable for interferences and has a far smaller bit error rate.

RDX is capable to recover data with a very small time exposure and is best for budget-conscious small enterprises.

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