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Controllers always played an important role in modern computers. They usually come as plug-in boards and take on all kinds of controlling tasks of connected hardware.

ControllersFor hard drive confifurations for example, the so called Raid Controllers are being used. Raid drives offer a higher security and a more effective access to data than common hard drive configurations.

Also very popular today are USB controllers. There are more and more external devices that can be connected to the PC via these. The latest USB 3.0 ports have the best data transfer rates.

There are also serial controllers, such as the S-ATA controllers of modern hard drives for example. But also SCSI and IDE version are still in use.

Additionally you will find parallel controllers, such as like I/O controllers, at Lieske-Elektronik.

Firewire, ISDN controllers and SAS controllers are also available here.

For an especially high data transfer rate, we offer so called Fibrechannel controllers, that can be connected to modern fibre optic cables.

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