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Mobile Phones

Technically a mobile phone or cell phone is a device, that wirelessly connects to an existing mobile phone network, allowing the user to place an receive phone calls independent from the location. The only requirement is an active cell phone network.

Since the first mobile phones from the early 70's, technology has made a big leap. The classic mobile phone that's being used for placing phone calls has more or less been superseded by powerful smartphones. These are actually more like small computers in pocket sized format than simple telephones. Naturally, the mobile networks also changed a lot within the last several years. From being simple networks providing cell phone call capabilities, they've become powerful internet access points in order to serve the smartphones' purpose.

The most popular and biggest manufacturers of mobile phones and smartphones are Samsung, Nokia and Apple as of 2012. But also less popular manufacturers such as ZTE, Huawei and HTC are gaining ground recently.

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