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Workstation in Computer Hardware

Computer Workstations

A definition.
A workstation is defined as a computer that considerably exceeds the performance capabilities of home or office computers. It can be used by one or several persons.

Workstations usually are deployed in the fields of science or technology, where they're supposed to work on difficult and complicated tasks. Personal computers on the other hand are mainly being used for routine tasks in entrepreneurial everyday life. When it comes to grapics, calculating and storage capacity as well as multitaksing, the results of a workstation are above average. The utilization of multiple terminals is possible.

Types of workstations.
A mobile workstation is a notebook with the attributes of a workstation. The most important feature of these devices is processor and graphics performance. Battery service life or weight are far less important. The goal is to have the highest possible computer performance available while on the go.

The multi core workstation has a more powerful computing performance than single core workstations. There are many ways in which a multi core workstation can improve your productivity.

The concept of a workstation.
Compared to a comming personal computer a workstation is far more robust in hardware and software. That is important for tasks that have a high demand for reliability. Unix systems used to be the operating systems for workstations. Nowadays thes operating systems are more and more replaced by Mac OS X or Windows.

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