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LED Illuminants

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Light Emitting Diods, more commonly knows as LED lamps, are the future-oriented illumination solution for many purposes. They are very current-saving and are suitable for all indoor and outdoor purposes, whether it is for private or industrial use.

Environmentally friendly and energy efficient

LEDs stand out for their low energy consupmtion and their unprecedented durability, whether they are being used for a constant LEDs are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.illumination or being switched on and off all the time. Despite the LED's higher acquisition costs, they are often the best economic and ecologic choice for numerous illumination purposes: Flexibility, a high efficiency and low costs for operation are crucial factors. Especially for commercial use LED illuminants are extremely economic, since they offer a very high luminosity and longevity while keeping the cost for electricity low. Thanks to these qualities, LEDs are very good for use under tough conditions, such as industrial building illumination or for extensive outdoor use.

Retrofit Illuminants

In order to save costs for the alteration of your existing illumination systems, has the possibility to use so called retrofit illuminants. Retrofits are LED illuminants that are compatible to existing sockets such as E14 or GU10. This way you can keep your new investment as low as possible, but don't have to go without the advantages of LED illuminants.

Summary of advantages of LED illuminants

  • LED illuminants need up to 90% less energy than comparable lightbulbs. They convert almost the whole energy into light. Therefore they also produce only a small amount of heat. Only for HighPower LED illuminants a cooling element is required.
  • LED illuminants reach their maximum illumination right after switching them on. A great advantages compared to energy saving lamps.
  • Other than energy saving lamps, LED illuminants don't contain mercury and don't have to be disposed seperately.
  • LED illuminants have an average livespan of up to 50,000 hours (lightbulbs have an average livespan of 1,000 to 2,000 hours, energy saving lamps 8,000 to 10,000 hours). Thus, switching on and off an LED very often doesn't have any bad effect on its durability.
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