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19 Inch Technology / 19 Inch Rack Cabinets / 19 Inch Server Housings

19 inch is the standard size for assembly modules in the IT and communications technology. This category offers a big selection of products for assembling data distributors, server cabinets and other telecommunication systems.

Whether you want your setup to be assembled as rack cabinet or wall mounted rack, as an open rack or lockable security area, the products of this category are ranging from small housings and fixture frames to the big 19 inch cabinet with 46 HE.

For server system we have varios server chassis in ATX and ITX size in supply.

For a neat and secure setup usually accessories like cable duct plates are required for cable management. Additionally fan trays for air conditioning and ventilation of active components are essential. The fitting of additional shelfs is sometimes advisable, because almost always there are devices to be fit into the housing, such as modems, that can not be fixed in place. The selection ranges from stationary to extendible intermediate shelfs, that are made for different weight loads.

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