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Barcode Scanners in Office Equipment

Barcode Scanners: Work more efficiently with barcode scanners

No supermarket cashier types each item number of each product purchased manually into the cashier system. Doing so would create unpayable costs. USB barcode scanners are part of the everyday shopping life. Some store chains even offer self-checkout-systems already, where the customers can scan and pay their purchases themselves.

But also in many other areas CCD barcode scanners can save valuable time. As a side effect typing errors are avoided, because a barcode is always read correctly. This means that the CCD barcode scanner guarantees absolute security and reliability.

Barcode ScannerFunctional principle of a USB Barcode Scanner

A classic handheld scanner with USB or PS/2 port can read all common barcodes and return the result as a simulated keyboard input to the computer. This USB serial numbers or EAN codes can be rapidly detected with the barcode scanner.
Some companies already print barcodes onto their bills. The debtor's accounting can then read it with a hand scanner quick and easy. There are also radio scanners available that don't need cables. Alternatively, a wand that consumes less space can be used, which is helpful especially in offices with not much space.

Different USB Barcode Scanners

Stationary Barcode ScannerIn addition to mobile barcode scanners and USB CCD Barcode scanners there are also stationary scanners. Stationary scanners have been developed for fixed installation. The barcode to be scanned is simply moved across the scanner. Either by hand or on a conveyor belt. Such a stationary scanner can detect, for example, product shipment data and mark a parcel as "packed and ready for pickup" automatically.
For individual in-house developments scan engines were built. These useful modules can easily be installed in dedicated hardware, which then becomes able to read barcodes.

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