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Power Supply Units


Even the latest high-tech PC is useless, if it doesn't have a power supply unit built in. It is a well known fact, that nothing works without electricity. However, it's not enough to just build in a cheap power supply unit. It depends on what output the PC requires and how much time you need if there are fluctuations in the power grid.

There are lots of different power supply units with different power outputs and connectors for hardware and mainboards.
Here you will find the right power supply for your devices, whether you need a simple standard ATX PC power supply, a notebook power supply or redundant high-quality power supplies for servers.

Concerning power supplies for notebooks, it is import that the unit has enough power to supply the notebook and is able to charge the internal notebook battery at the same time.

If you need to supply a server, high-quality server power supplies are a necessity for the frictionless operation of your server systems. Here redundancy means, that two or three power units are built into the system, that substitute the main power supply in case it fails.

When it comes to modern power supplies, PFC (Power Factor Correction) and 80+ power supplies (power supply units with more than 80% effectiveness, or less than 20% power dissipation) are standard.

Attention should be payed to silent power supply units. This is the solution for everyone who feels disturbed by the noise of the power supplie's fans, and therefore wants the PC to operate as quiet as possible.

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