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Big selection of storage media


We here at Lieske Electronics have all kinds of storage media available for you. The variety ranges from magnetic tapes, floppy disks to optical data memory, memory cards and USB sticks.

You will find memory cards in nearly every modern digital camera, but also in mobile phones or MP3 players. This technology became a standard when it comes to digital cameras, due to the compact size of the memory cards.

Whether we are talking about music or video, optical storage media like the CD or DVD will still be with us for quite some more time. There are also already successors to these media. The Blu-Ray Disc or the HD-DVD for example. Those have a significantly higher storage capacity and a data rate that is a lot faster. The required optical disk drives should frequently be cleaned in order to ensure a continuous quality of the drive accessing the inserted media.

One of the most famous mobile storage devices is undoubtetly the USB stick. This device is best suitable for carrying data files of all sizes.

Magnetic tapes are nowadays mostly used for frequent backups of medium to big amounts of data. Especially small an medium sized companys make use of this type of backing up their important data.

Please take your time and have fun browsing through our prodct categories. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime: +49-7666-88499-0

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