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Displays and video projectors

There seems to exist an infinite number of computer displays. More an more manufacturers appear on the market and claim there LCD Displaydisplays being the best. That is why you should choose your new monitor very carefully.

Your eyes are important when it comes to buying a new monitor. Lots of people think of their monitor just as a necessity that should cost as few as possible. But, if you only take care of your wallet, you will hurt your eyes.

The quality of a computer monitor can not be defined by its price. Large monitors with an at least 17 inch display are sold starting from only 100 Euros. But size is not the only important criteria for selecting a new monitor. Contrast and sharpness are also very important.

In this area TFT monitors can score. Due to their high display refresh rate they can deliver a flickerfree picture with impressive sharpness and contrast. Other than old tube monitors a TFT needs only about 30 to 40 watts of electricity. You will see the difference on your next electricity bill.

Another designation for TFT monitors is the LCD monitor. Although an LCD monitor contains the exact same technology as a TFT.

That is different when it comes to plasma displays. The usually big plasma screens can be used as a TV as well, due to their compatible connectors. They are also often used for presentations.

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