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Since the spread of digital photo technology, new opportunities have opened up in the photograph. You can see this clearly, when you look at the success of the digital camera closer. Today it is much cheaper to shoot and develop photos, so almost everyone has a digital camera.

Digitale Spiegelreflexkamera Canon EOS

Digitization has not only ensured that images can be flexibly transported and managed, but also video can now be recorded and stored for several years completely without a tape. The digital video camera is availlable in different versions. A major factor is the resolution. Also webcams and network cameras are enjoying an ever increasing popularity.

A webcam nowadays makes it possible to make internet video calls or video conferences. Network cameras are mainly used for monitoring rooms and land. In contrast to conventional video surveillance you can see the images of these cams with a password from anywhere in the world.

We offer also compatible memory cards for all types of digital cameras.

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