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Network Cameras at Lieske-Elektronik

Network cameras are made for video surveillance by using digital technology. Other than analog surveillance cameras, network cameras work via IP networks, internet or home networks for example, and have a small computer on board (CPU, flash memory, internal memory). Therefore IP cameras have much better functions and a wider possible field of application than analog video surveillance systems:

  • Video data is being compressed and sent through the network
  • Even if the connection to the network is severed, video data can be stored
  • It is possible to power the camera through the network junction box (POE: Power Over Ethernet)
  • It can be utilized indoors and outdoors as dome camera
  • Surveillance systems can be located at distant places, while being remote controlled over the internet
  • Digital data processing and picture viewing is possible at any computer.


Like with any device that is connected to a network, there is always a risk of somebody abusing the system. For protecting against that, all cameras are equipped with high class protective mechanisms such as password protection or alarm systems that go off if the operation is disturbed. Therefore an attack on these systems is very difficult.

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