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Sodium discharge lamps, mercury vapor lamps, HQI, HQL and general high pressure lamps are called discharge lamps. These types of lamps aways need an electronic control gear in order to operate. Discharge lamps often have the highest performance when it comes to the relation of lumen per watt. This makes these lamps popular for use in gardening areas. But mainly, these lamps are being used as street lights, hall illuminants or as floodlights. Discharge lamps always need an electronic control gear, that exists in two different variations. On one hand, there are conventional ballasts (KVG/VVG), that create the operating voltage via magnetic components. One the other hand there are electronic control gears (EVG) that need less current and can start up the lamps mroe gently.

The features of discharge lamps makes them very attractive for users who want to illuminate in a power efficient manner.

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