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Navigation Systems: Arriving at your destination sooner

A personal navigation device (or "navi" in short) replaces your old fashioned paper maps. These handy devices know - depending on their software - all streets in the US, in Europe or whichever place you choose. They contain lots of information that classic maps do not provide. For example information about one-way streets, speed limits in certain areas or even current construction sites and other traffic obstructions. This becomes possible due to more and more exact maps, live updates via internet and digital traffic information (TMC).

A navigation system determines your current position very exact by utilizing the American GPS satellites. It can calculate the shortest, fastest or best way to any destination you choose. It can also take into account your personal prefferences such as avoiding ferries, byroads or highways. The navigation system can do even more: It contains information about thousands of restaurants, gas stations, hotels and other points of interest. With these information, the device can guide you to your closest refueling opportunity, find a certain hotel by name or a restaurant near your current location - some navigation devices even distinguish between the culinary orientation of the restaurants.

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