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Cables and Conduits



They are essential in electronics and electrical engineering: Cables and Conduits. Lieske-Elektronik is your reliable cable vendor. In this category you will find more than 12000 different products in more than 50 subcategories.

In the category data lines you will find coaxial transmission lines, bus lines, patch cables from Cat5 to Cat7, installation cables even from Cat5 to Cat8. We also have LWL patch cables and LWL installation cables for any purpose.

In the category for underground cables you will find the most common aluminium and copper cables as well as underground telecommunication cables.

Among others, you can find other telecommunication cables in our fire detection cables section, as well as any kind of telecommunication installation manuals.

For public buildings there are often halogen-free cables and conduits required. These you can find here as halogen-free control wires, halogen-free telecommunication lines, halogen-free power lines and halogen-free wirings. Also in E30 and E90 design.

For particular requirements we have special conduits on offer: Rubber hose conduits, PUR conduits, welding cables, solar cables or special conduits.

Often required by the industry are switching and control lines, Oelflex lines, installation and wiring lines.

We also offer device power cables as well as cables and adapters for computers and telecommunication.

Please also visit our cable catalog. There you will find all technical data and features and also applications for the respective conduits.

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