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19-Inch Accessories

19" technology requires efficient systems for storing and optimal use. Once the main components of server chassis and storage racks are purchased, the accessories needed to install and support them should be considered.

Energy Management

The reliable provision of energy in an effective way is the basis of energy management. Cost and other factors, such as resource and environmental conservation need to be taken into account.


A flexible shelving system within server racks and chassis allows for optimal use of space. Shelves can be fixed or slide in and out, giving easier access to all sides of the modules. An efficient rack and shelf system will allow flexible mounting at variable heights. Perforated shelving allows for a clear air flow and the prevention of over-heating.


Computer and  technology systems are sensitive to heat and there is always a risk of fire when lots of equipment and wires operate in close proximity. An efficient air-conditioning unit, allowing the free flow of dust-free air is vital.


Each module of equipment will need its own power source and individual socket. The safest way of providing multiple sockets is through a PDU, or power distribution unit, allowing electrical power to be safely distributed and monitored.


Setting profiles ensures computer and technology systems look and function the way that users dictate. These settings remain in place whenever equipment is powered up, until there is a need to over-ride and reset them.

Rack-mountable displays

Rack-mountable displays are designed to house the modules and computer systems required by technological and industrial use. Well designed displays are space-saving and designed to house pieces securely, allowing the free flow of air around each module.

Mounting material

Mounting material is the accessories needed to fix server chassis and racks securely in place and to hold shelves and other accessories. Shelf mounts can be fixed or telescopic.

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