15 inch LCD monitors

Here you will find our 15 inch LCD monitors. The size of the monitors is usually being indicated in inches. One inch  corresponds to 2.54 cm.

That means that a 15 inch monitor corresponds to a diagonal of 38.1 cm.

A distinction is made between TN and IPS screens. TFT ("thin-film-transistor") describes a technology, that acuates the single LCD pixels via a thin film transistor. The advantage of that is, that higher pixel densities can be realized. IPS ("in-plane-switching") on the other hand has the additional advantage of a much more stable viewing angle. As a result more than just one viewer is able to see the contents on the screen.

All of the modern monitors come with a LED background illumination. Its advantage is the lower consumption of current and the high and consistent brightness.

In addition to that LCD monitors have several advantages compared to CRT screens:

  • Less power consumption
  • Higher brightness
  • Less space consumption
  • Less weight
  • Not affected by magnetic fields (i.e. terrestrial magnetic field, magnetic fields from overhead wiring, speakers and transformers)
  • No X-radiation
  • No flickering

Delimit manufacturer:

15 inch LCD Monitors from Asus

Asus 90LM02G1-B01170 VT168N 15,6IN LED 1366X768 TN Asus 90LM02G1-B01170 VT168N 15,6IN LED 1366X768 TN 15.6”, 1366 x 768, glare, 200 cd/?, D-Sub, DVI-D, micro-USB

Lieske Part No.: 417682
Mfg Part No: 90LM02G1-B01170
142,00 EUR
Asus 90LM02G1-B01170 plus VAT
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15 inch LCD Monitors from Eizo

EIZO 38.0cm (38,1 cm ( 15 inch )) DV1508T 4:3 DVI black EIZO 38.0cm (38,1 cm ( 15 inch )) DV1508T 4:3 DVI black

Lieske Part No.: 548202
Mfg Part No: DV1508T
on request
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