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Computer Hardware

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Generally speaking computers are machines that solve tasks and calculations as a result of commands or applications. They work due to the interaction of hardware and software.

Hardwares are the physical parts of the computer that you can see and touch. The most important component of the hardware is the micro processor. It is the central control unit of the computer, where commands are translated and calculations are done.

Lieske-Elektronik offers a broad variety of computer systems including all kinds of accessories.

We are happy to counsel you and put together a complete system that perfectly matches your needs.

Computer Hardware:


Applications that run on the computer (hardware) are called software.


Computers can be divided into the following categories:

  • Personal Computer: "PC" in short. A single computer that is being used for tasks at the office or at home
  • Notebooks: light, mobile computer with a flat screen
  • Handheld Computer: Or "PDA" (Personal Digital Assistant) is a small computer that can be carried with you and that runs on battery
  • Industrial Computer: A computer that is made for solving tasks in the industry. Such as process automation, testing, security technology, quality assurance and robotics)
  • Medical Computer: Computers for the doctor's office and for hospitals that fulfill certain criteria (DIN 60601-1)
  • Panel Computer: Optimized for being used in industries. They are usually built into panels or control cabinets.
  • Server: Application or computer in a network that provides network services (such as printers, e-mail services, storage space, licences, etc.) to other members of the network.
  • Workstation: Powerful computers that are made for stationary use.
  • Tablet Computer: Mobile computers that combine the properties of notebooks and handheld computers.


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