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Medical Technology

Medical Technology

If a patient's health is at stake, devices the doctors can rely on are required. In this section you will find products and services related to the field of medical engineering. This includes IT components such as PC systems, notebooks and displays, as well as components necessary to safely connect these systems. These are galvanic isolators, isolating transformers and medical power supplies, for example.

Everywhere medical products are connected to PCs, notebooks or displays, galvanic isolators are being used.

Since about 10 years, medical imaging and diagnostic devices are no longer standalone devices. Instead they are connected to PCs running special applications for interpreting medical data. Medical data are stored on central servers via a network connection.

These offers are aimed at medical facilities like hospitals, clinics and doctor's offices as well as suppliers, specialist retailers and manufacturers that work in the field of medical technology or IT. With these products we contribute to an electrically safe bedside information technology.

Please also take a look at our information site regarding medical technologies.

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