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No light without illuminants

Illuminants are electric loads that produce light by chemical or physical processes. The best-known one is the lightbulb that produces its light by heating up a coiled filament. A big part of the energy that is put in, is lost through the heat. That is why the lightbulb will gradually disappear from the market and be replaced by more efficient illuminants.

Polaroid LED illuminants

Fluorescent lamps and electrodeless discharge lamps have already a much better effectiveness. They illuminate a gas by igniting it. They exist in various light colors and shapes. Also the energy saving lamp is a fluorescent lamp. The difference is, that the ballast is in the lamp socket, so there is no ignitor needed.

An electrodeless discharge lamp is, depending on its purpose, filled with different kinds of gases. A distinction is made between sodium, halogen and mercury vapor lamps. While these are most common in store and display technology, [link:kategorie::]halogen lamps[/link] and LED illuminants are mostly used in living areas. Halogen lamps exist for high and low voltages, as bi-pin socket or as reflector lamp. Recently there are also light bulb shapes.

There are also LED illuminants of the same shape, but with an enormous current-saving effect.

Please always pay attention to the socket label when buying or replacing illuminants. This can be clearly assigned to each lamp. And if you also pay attention to the performance rating nothing can go wrong with your purchase.

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