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A computer's motherboard contains the sockets for the processor, extension cards, memory modules and connects those components to each other. It is the control logic, so to speak. The configuration of the motherboard is very important, because it determines the system's performance capabilities, extensibility and how future-proof the whole system is. Most motherboards are specifically tailored to their processor. Therefore the availability of a processor depends on the motherboard respectively on the processor socket and the chipset.
Nowadays single components such as sound cards and network cards are integrated into the motherboard. In many cases there are also onboard graphics cards.

Serial (RS-232) and parallel (LPT) ports can not be found on newer motherboard models anymore. They have been replaced by USB ports. If you still need such ports, they have to be upgraded with plug-in boards. This also applies for PS/2 ports today.

Apart from that several S-ATA and a P-ATA port can be found on motherboards.
Concerning sockets for extension cards PCI and PCI Express Bus are the latest technologies.

The form factor of a motherboard determines its size, the position of the mounting holes, the place of the CPU connectors, the bus slots, the RAM slots and so on. Today the ATX, Baby ATX and Micro ATX form factors are being used. ATX is being used since more than 10 years now. The successor BTX seems not to gain acceptance.

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