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Supplier Area – Industry-Electronics

We are a mail-order trading company with a present product portfolio of over 450000 articles and are constantly searching for manufacturers, distributors and other suppliers.

We refer our goods from the in and foreign countries. Because of the strong price fluctuations and the short product cycles in this segment we only store the most usual goods. Therefore, we have to order the goods and be supplied at short time.

We are interested to find new suppliers for our existing products as well as suppliers for new and interesting products which do not yet figure in our product catalog.

If you want to cooperate with us and register as a supplier click here.

When filling out the registration form please also note accurately the keywords for the products and manufacturers ( e.g.: Cisco, HW, Enterasys, SWITCH, SWITCH modules...) so that we can refer to in case of new inquiries.

In order to place your products on our website we need your product catalog in a database format. A listing of your products in our online-shop rises the chances of new profit. The items can thus be found on search engines and ordered online. For further information click here.

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