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Industry-Electronics - Availability Information

Here you can find an overview over the various availability conditions. The conditions given are approximate values. They are not in real time and will be partially updated only once a week. For some of our products stock data is given, this information is partially refreshed once a day, sometimes several times a day.

As long as the stock indicator shows a low stock, you can not be sure that these items are available, someone might have ordered them earlier than you may and have bought the goods. We supply in order of the ordering date and time.
If in the End-Of-Life field a date is specified, so this means that the products are discontinued either from the manufacturer or supplier and is no longer expected or only comes in small quantities because it is no longer produced, or that we take this article out of our product line.

The delivery times indicated are not binding and only be regarded as expected. The dates are valid only for new orders and not for already ordered goods. With advance-payment, the specified delivery time applies on the date of receipt of the payment.


  Item is available and can be shipped within 12-72h. Please note the delivery time information in the article detail.
  The product is currently not in stock, but has been ordered. The delivery time is usually less than two weeks.
  The product is currently not in stock, but available. However, the delivery time can take two, three or more weeks!
  Goods will only be ordered order-related. Delivery time on request.
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