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Mediaimager GM4 – Buying Guide at Industry-Electronics

The GM4 – Previously unknown quality in forensic data duplication.



The MediaImager GM4 is a powerful forensic duplication device which allows binary data copies in a very short time. This copy method is very safe and essential for any forensics expert. Over 10 years of experience from an engineering Team have been used in the development of the GM4. And the Team was not just a random engineering Team – They’re working for europes biggest computer forensics Company – Media Recovery!


The GM4 is easy to use, reliable and especially fast. There are 3 different versions: Basic, Pro and Superkit


Mediaimager GM4 Basic:

The Basic version of GM4 comes with an i3 processor and 4GB of memory.
The user can copy two sources simultaneously at full SATA speed 3 in 4 different target positions and in 4 additional USB 3.0 ports.
A 10.4 inch panel that can be expanded by an existing DVI / HDMI or DisplayPort interface with an external screen shows all the information about the copy operation.

The Device can also for be used for erasing hard drives or to solve hashes like MD5, SHA1, and SHA2.


The device runs on Windows 8 and has a Gigabit LAN port for NAS compatibility. It will be introduced in the next update of Media Imager software.


Basic Version


Mediaimager GM4 Pro:

The Pro version of GM4 comes with an Intel i7 processor and 8GB of memory which can be expanded up to 16 GB.

The user can copy 4 different sources simultaneously in SATA-3 speed to 4 different target postitions and 4 3.0 ports as well as in
4 SAS / SATA positions . All functions of the Basic function are also included.

Gm4 Mediaimager Pro



Unlike the Basic version, the Pro version features enhanced encryption. So the Data can also be simultaneously encrypted in order to increase the safety.


Pro Version


Mediaimager GM4 SuperKIT:

The Superkit is the best version offered by Media Recovery. It contains all the Basic and Pro features but with two differences:
Superkit comes with an extra metal case which makes transport enormously easy. In addition, all versions of adapters, extension cords, and enhancements for all types of hard drives and accessories are included. Thus, you can use the full width of the connections from the Media imager.



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