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Hard DriveHard drives are one of the most important components of a computer system or notebook. There are internal and external hard drives, that are ideal for storing your data securely. But what are the different kinds and sizes of hard drives?

Connection Types

  • S-ATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachement) is the most common connection type of hard drives
  • P-ATA is the parallel ATA interface. This is the predecessor of the S-ATA.
  • SCSI and SAS are interfaces that are mainly being used in workstations and servers, but also in high performance RAID systems. These hard drives are more powerful and robust than ATA drives. Even more modern are FiberChannel (FC) drives.
  • E-SATA and USB connectors can be found on portable devices that can be connected to a computer externally.
  • There are also network drives, also called NAS system (Network Attached Storage). These devices are connected via ethernet cable to a network.



The common hard drives today are based on magnet storage technology. They offer a relatively high speed and a high data density. They are currently available in sizes from 40GB to 4TB. These hard drives exist as reasonably cheap consumer devices and the more expensive but better RAID type drives, that are made for running 24 hours. Relatively new on the market are the so called Solid State Disks (SSD). These are hard disc drives based on flash storage technology. These components offer a very quick access and data rate, but are expensive by comparison. The capacity ranges from 64GB to 512GB. There are also hybrid versions, that combine SSD and magnetic hard disc drives in one housing. This way a high speed and capacity can be achieved at the same time. Those are called SSHD.


Just like there are different kinds, there are also different sizes. Older versions are 5.25 inches, today's standard size for desktop computers is 3.5 inches. Notebooks contain HDDs with a size of 2.5 inches. There are also even smaller sizes for mobile media players or digital cameras. These are 1.8 inches to 1 inch small.

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