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Hewlett Packard 142257-003 - HP power cable 3

Lieske Part No.: 821159
31,99 EUR
Graduated prices
142257-006HPE 142257-006 - HPE Power Cable black 10A C13 C14 137cm
Compaq continues to deliver its best cabling solutions following the most modern technologies, keeping pace with the time. Cables and adapters from Compaq give the most reliable connection and interaction of attached devices. Whatever your cabling need may be - choose Compaq products for proper connection! This product is designed for Compaq Proliant storage solutions.

Lieske Part No.: 122876
20,99 EUR
Graduated prices
Hewlett Packard 295633-B22 - HP power cable 2 5
Compaq is a leading global provider of information technology products, services and solutions for enterprise customers. Compaq designs, develops, manufactures and markets information technology equipment, software, services and solutions, including industry-leading enterprise storage and computing solutions, fault-tolerant business-critical solutions, communication products, personal desktop and notebook computers, and personal entertainment and Internet access devices.

Lieske Part No.: 223028
26,99 EUR
Graduated prices
Hewlett Packard 655710-B21 - HP Midline hard drive 1 TB SATA 300

Lieske Part No.: 547917
239,00 EUR
Graduated prices
Hewlett Packard 656364-B21 - HP Common Slot Platinum Power Supply Kit power supply hot plug 1200
The high efficiency Common-Slot Power Supply is a key technology in the HP Thermal Logic initiative. HP Common-Slot Power Supplies share a common electrical and physical design that allows installation in G6 server platforms that have a common-slot power supply bay. HP offers high efficient power supply which allows you to choose the right size power supply for your specific server configuration. HP offers a 1200W Platinum level, 94% efficiency power supply enabling you to reclaim more power and start utilizing it better to run more equipment with the infrastructure you already have. If your infrastructure uses less power, you can unlock lost capacity while also saving money.

Lieske Part No.: 153698
207,00 EUR
Graduated prices
Hewlett Packard 701498-B21 - HP Mobile DVD▒RW (▒R DL) / DVD RAM drive USB
The HP Mobile DVD RW provides an external companion optical drive to accompany a laptop or mini that does not have an internal drive. The external drive provides CD/DVD support as well as read/write. It connects to the computer through the USB 2.0 port.
Lieske Part No.: 621345
106,00 EUR
Graduated prices
Hewlett Packard 726536-B21 - HP SATA 9 5MM
Lieske Part No.: 668093
65,99 EUR
Graduated prices
819203-B21HPE 8TB 6G SATA 7 2K LFF 512e SC MDL HDD - 819203-B21

Lieske Part No.: 665639
259,00 EUR
819855-B21HPE BL460c Gen9 E5 2698v4 Kit - 819855-B21

Lieske Part No.: 304670
4.619,00 EUR
830718-B21HPE Apollo 4200 Gen9 E5 2620v4 Kit - 830718-B21

Lieske Part No.: 582983
649,00 EUR
830748-B21HPE Apollo 4200 Gen9 E5 2695v4 Kit - 830748-B21

Lieske Part No.: 979396
3.119,00 EUR
HPE 832514-B21
Lieske Part No.: 267869
239,00 EUR
Graduated prices
833926-B21HPE 2TB 12G SAS 7 2K 3 5in MDL LP HDD - 833926-B21

Lieske Part No.: 587493
184,00 EUR
Graduated prices
833928-B21HPE 4TB 12G SAS 7 2K 3 5in MDL LP HDD - 833928-B21

Lieske Part No.: 588521
186,00 EUR
Graduated prices
AF593AHewlett Packard AF593A - HP power cable 3 6

Lieske Part No.: 118365
97,99 EUR
Graduated prices
HPE C8R72A - HPE M6710 600GB 6G SAS 10K 6 4cm 2 5Zoll HDD

Lieske Part No.: 746136
829,00 EUR
Graduated prices
HPE C8R72AR - HPE M6710 600GB 6G SAS 10K 2 5in HDD Renew

Lieske Part No.: 940350
699,00 EUR
Graduated prices
Lieske Part No.: 727523
5.399,00 EUR
E7W24BHPE E7W24B - M6710 920GB 6G SAS 2 5in MLC 5yr SSD
As an HP Qualified Option, HP drives are designed and engineered to help manage data storage efficiently, simplify day-to-day maintenance, and ensure data is available when needed. Trust HP data storage devices so you can focus on more important matters of business.
Lieske Part No.: 682061
9.729,00 EUR
HPE K0F23A - M6710 600GB 6G SAS 15K 2 5in HDD

Lieske Part No.: 261924
1.259,00 EUR
Graduated prices
K2P89BHPE K2P89B - 3PAR 8000 1 92TB SW SFF SSD

Lieske Part No.: 276227
13.559,00 EUR
N9X91AHPE N9X91A - MSA 1 6TB 12G SAS MU 2 5in SSD

Lieske Part No.: 480798
1.329,00 EUR
Graduated prices
N9Y06BHPE N9Y06B - 3PAR 8000 400GB SW SFF SSD

Lieske Part No.: 379872
2.539,00 EUR
QK754BHPE QK754B - SN6000B 16Gb 48 port/24 port Active Power Pack Fibre Channel Switch
To remain competitive, IT organizations must keep pace with ever-increasing workloads without a similar increase in their budgets or resources. While virtualization has provided some relief by enabling the benefits of faster deployment and consolidation, it also tends to put additional stress on data center networks. In addition, the move toward cloud computing, which promises greater efficiency and a more service-oriented business model, means that these networks will face even greater demands. The HP SN6000B Fiber Channel switch meets the demands of hyper-scale, private cloud storage environments by delivering market-leading 16 Gb Fiber Channel technology and capabilities that support highly virtualized environments. It also provides a simplified deployment process and a point-and-click user interface-making it both powerful and easy to use. The SN6000B switch offers low-cost access to Storage Area Network (SAN) technology while providing pay-as-you-grow scalability to meet the needs of an evolving storage environment.

Lieske Part No.: 707882
23.079,00 EUR
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