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The graphics card controls all of the on-screen-display of your computer. Everything you see on the screen, is being processed through and displayed by the graphics card. It doesn't matter whether you surf the web, watch a movie, write a text or have fun playing a video game. A sophisticated 3D game needs a lot more ressources of course, and therefore a more powerful graphics card.

The range of different graphics cards and the differences in performance are tremendous. Today the most common standard for connecting very powerful graphics cards is the PCI Express Bus. The outdated PCI and AGP connectors are still on the market, though, mainly for less powerful and cheaper graphics cards models. Internal graphics card that are a fixed part of the mainboard or chipset are also interesting. Of course these internal graphics system's performances are not comparable to external extension cards. However, they are more than sufficient for office applications and are power efficient and take up less space.

The graphics processor and the graphics memory are the most important components that determine the magnitude of the performance. Other important attributes that you have to think about before purchasing, are external connectors for devices (such as the screen), active or passive cooling, additional power supplies due to a higher electricity demand and the size of the card itself.

You can choose your graphics card, sorted by the bus system, below. If you have any questions regarding graphics cards, feel free to contact us anytime. Hotline: +49-7666-88499-0.

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