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Hager LE1410 fuse , D01 10A 400V

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5,94 EUR
( 7,07 EUR incl. VAT )
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Sales unit: 10 pieces
1x Hager LE1410 fuse , D01 10A 400V
Lieske Part No.:103585
Mfg Part No: LE1410
UPC/EAN: 3250614124037
Weight:0.12 kg
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505,58 EUR
1005,23 EUR
2504,87 EUR
5004,51 EUR

Product information for Hager LE1410:

Type: LE1410
Sales unit: 1 pc

The item price shown refers to 10 pieces Hager LE1410

Questions & answers

What is the delivery time of Hager LE1410 fuse , D01 10A 400V?

The article Hager LE1410 fuse , D01 10A 400V is currently not in stock und muss auftragsbezogen bestellt werden.

According to our experience the article is ready for dispatch within 11 working days. The delivery time usually refers to 1 piece. When ordering larger quantities, we can maybe shorten the delivery time. Just send us an inquiry about the desired quantity of Hager LE1410 to our sales team for an exact delivery time.

How can I buy the item at a lower price?

We offer you Hager LE1410 fuse , D01 10A 400V always at the best possible price. We can give you a discount of 2% on Hager LE1410 fuse , D01 10A 400V if you choose payment in advance on ordering.

In addition, you can save money with our attractive graduation prizes with every purchase. If you buy a minimum of 50 pieces of Hager LE1410 fuse , D01 10A 400V we can offer you a price of 5,58 EUR per piece. The more you buy, the cheaper the article will be.

You can also send us a price proposal for your desired quantity of Hager LE1410 fuse , D01 10A 400V via the form price proposal. Enter your name, contact details, price and quantity you need. Our sales team will then send you a good quotation immediately.

We also offer individual prices for your needs. You can get an offer by using the form Wholesale Inquiry.

How many units does the article contain?

Hager LE1410 fuse , D01 10A 400V is offered by us in a sales unit of 10 pieces If you need a larger quantity, you can contact us at any time. We will make a special offer for you


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1x Hager LE1410 - fuse D01 10A 400V
Hager LE1410 fuse , D01 10A 400V
5,94 EUR
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