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Shipment costs for delivery to Czech Republic

Fast & cheap delivery to Czech Republic with GLS, DHL and other carriers. Calculate your estimated delivery costs now!

The table with shipping-costs below shows you the basis for calculating the shipping to Czech Republic. You might also like to use our shipping calculator to calculate the exact shipping costs. Shipping costs depend from the weight of the articles. We cannot guarantee the exact calculation fo shipping costs to Czech Republic everytime because sometimes the volume of the articles needs two or more parcels which can result in different shipping costs.

If you have an own forwarder or mail agent, we can use your customer number to send the articles with your preferred shipping company. We usually send the parcels with GLS.

Mode of dispatchBasic pricePrice per kg
GLS Standard dispatch12,00 EURover 2 kg 0,60 EUR
Express delivery GLS next day55,00 EURover 1 kg 5,80 EUR
Express delivery per GLS68,00 EURover 1 kg 5,80 EUR
Dispatch with own UPS no.1,50 EUR-
Dispatch per Deutsche Post14,40 EURover 2 kg 0,60 EUR
Dispatch with own DHL no.1,50 EUR-

Shipping calculation

Destination country Czech Republic
Weight kg ( 0 kg aktuell im Warenkorb )
Desired mode of dispatch

Delivery charges: 12,00 EUR

Plus VAT and dispatch insurance
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