Allnet ALL-VPN20 / VPN / Firewall Dual WAN router

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1x Allnet ALL-VPN20 / VPN / Firewall Dual WAN router
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Lieske Part No.:623846
Mfg Part No: ALL-VPN20
UPC/EAN: 4038816001115
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Product information for Allnet ALL-VPN20:

, Highlights The MIPS64 processor provides a bidirectional data throughput of up to 100 Mbps Multi WAN architecture>, 20 IPSec VPN connections provide up to 10 PPTP VPN connections The ALLNET ALL-VPN20 is a QoS VPN Firewall router for small and medium simultaneously company. About two WAN ports can be any two broadband connections, such as ADSL2 + unite, VDSL, SDSL, etc. via a router. The load balancing functionality provides a load balancing sessions, services or IP addresses and provides for optimization of bandwidth utilization. Through the built-in hardware NAT acceleration leads to an additional increase in performance. The ALL-VPN20 is suitable for networks with up to 50 users. The ALLNET ALL-VPN20 has a powerful stateful inspection firewall and a VPN server supports the VPN Protocols IPSec and PPTP. The configuration is done through an easy to understand GUI management interface through which the entire network can be managed easily. High Speed ​​and High Efficiency The MIPS64 processor provides a bidirectional data throughput of up to 100 Mbps 30.0000 concurrent sessions Plenty of power for networks with up to 50 PCs second WAN port for load balancing or DMZMulti WAN Autoline backup Multi WAN architecture 3 load balancing modes: session-based, IP-based, and Strategy Routing Autoline backup ensures system stability in the event of an ISP by automatic switching of all sessions on the still active AnschlussIPSec VPN>, 20 IPSec VPN connections simultaneously DES/3DES/AES encryption, MD5/SHA1 identifications and IKE pre-shared KeyAustausch (automatic / manual) Gateway to Gateway (Site to Site) VPN Client and Gateway to VPN (IPSec Client software Optional) VPN VPN HeartbeatPPTP providing up to 10 PPTP VPN connections status of PPTP VPN connections Windows 2000 / XP Embedded PPTP Client kompatibelQoS bandwidth management Intelligent Quality of Service with dynamic bandwidth management automatically controls the bandwidth for priority handling applications such as Voice over IP, video streaming, online gaming and much more time-controlled allocation of certain bandwidths for different network environments prioritization of certain persons, groups and applications performance Strong Firewall 100 Mbit / s throughput with activated firewall Stateful Packet Inspection to defend many threats such as trojans, worms, DOS attacks and other types of malware application management to provide or block of messaging and P2P applications with one click and five rights groups access rules to manage and control the online behavior of the user control execution of certain files such as EXE, Flash, JPEG, MP3, PDF, PNG, Rar, Zipund more

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