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Medical Imaging Displays

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Medical Displays / Clinical Monitors

In this product category you will find displays for use in the medical field. These displays are meant for being used in a doctor's office or hospital. They are especially designed for work areas that are frequented by patients like patient diagnosis, treatment or monitoring.

Mainly these medical displays can be found in placea where the the health of a patient relies on flawlessly working systems, like treatment rooms or surgery.
We have various kinds of displays for many differnt purposes, like endoscopy or for viewing mammographical PACs or x-ray images. That's why these monitors have certificates like UL60601-1, CSAC22.2 NO.601.1, EN60601-1, FCC, CE. Some monitors come with additional features such as video input, touch screen, or glass surface for a better cleansing and disinfection.


Information about Diagnostic Monitors

A diagnostic monitor has to have a constant and guaranteed luminosity and a consistent illumination. Also the picture has to be calibratable in order to ensure the image display to be always consistent. For that, special sensors have to be built into the device or have to be connected to it.
Only if a display is approved as diagnostic monitor, which means it is a medical product, it is allowed to be used as such. An acceptance inspection according to DIN V 6868-57 has to be conducted by an authorised person. Constancy tests also have to be conducted frequently and documented by an authorised person.
In any case please contact us to find out which diagnostic display can be used for what kinds of diagnostics. Also a graphics card that is approved by the manufacturer for use with diagnostic displays has to be used. The same applies for the graphics card drivers. You can find suitable medical graphic cards in our shop as well.

Consulting for Medical Monitors

Please contact us and let us know about your requirements. We can offer the appropriate system and also take care of assembly and calibration.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our categories. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions.

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