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Accessories from Jabra

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GN Jabra 88011-99 - Jabra GN 1200 Network Cable Quick Disconnect Audio RJ 10 Phone
Smart Cord GN 1200 The GN 1200 cord is the solution to connect a headset on the phone to a general problem. Even though most things have been standardized, is the connecting cord that connects the phone with the handset or headset, anything but standard as each telephone manufacturer has its own wiring code. With the GN 1200 Smart Cord can now be set via switch on cable all the assignments for the various telephone sets of the individual manufacturer. It is available in 2 different versions. A smooth cord approximately 80 cm and coiled with about 70 cm to 2 meters extendable. ** On order **
Lieske Part No.: 805133
19,49 EUR
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Jabra DE-8800-00-AG - Under QD RJ45 8 pole
Das Verbindungskabel von Jabra verbindet Quick Disconnect-Headsets mit Festnetztelefonen mit modularer RJ45-Schnittstelle.


  • Headsetkabel


  • Kabellänge: 0.5 m


  • Farbe: Schwarz

Lieske Part No.: 303713
17,70 EUR
Graduated prices
Jabra DE-8800-00-SIE - QD cord / Special RJ45 connector (Siem OpenStage)
> Compatible for Siemens OpenStage 40/60/80 (with internal headset port)
Lieske Part No.: 425146
11,44 EUR
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