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PCs for the Medical Sector

Medical PCs from ViewSonic

ViewSonic VSD242-BKA-EU0 23.6IN 1920X1108 Viewsonic LogoViewSonic VSD242-BKA-EU0 23.6IN 1920X1108 ANDROID 5 ALL IN ONE SMART DISPLAY 59,9 cm ( 23,6 inch ) (1920x 11080) , Android 5.0 all in one samrt display, RK3288, 1.8GHZ quad-Core, 2GB DDR3 RAN/16GB eMMC ROM, Wi-Fi/BT/ 5.0MP AF Camera, Black

Lieske Part No.: 169621
Mfg Part No: VSD242-BKA-EU0
499,00 EUR
ViewSonic VSD242-BKA-EU0 plus VAT
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Medical PCsComputers that are being operated near patients or connected to medical devices in doctor's offices, have to fulfil certain criteria. Especially important is DIN standard 60601-1.
The medical PC systems offered by us are all conform to this norm and are made for use in medical environments. The systems have been developed and built according to DIN EN 60601-1. Only such systems satisfy DIN EN 60601-1 (i.e. discharge current, air and creepage gaps) and additionaly have electrical insulators.

PCs and §10 of the Medical Devices Act

Systems that are combined from medical and non-medical products (such as PCs), have to have an indication about the combination, according to §10 Medical Devices Act. This can be a specific product description or a description of the interface. Due to the much shorter lifespan of PCs compared to medical devices, the operator has to consider this legal requirements when a PC that is part of such a combination is being replaced.

Other products for use in the field of medical technology can be found in our range of medical technology products (in german language only).

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