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149300Gira 149300 - RTR Remote sensor 1493 00 Fußoden Parts
KNX / EIB Continuous regulator with push-button interface 4 times including bus coupler system 55 Fernfuehler Product family: Heating, air conditioning, ventilation Product type: Controller The continuous controller UP combines the functions of a KNX / EIB bus coupler, a single-room temperature controller with setpoint and a binary input. There is a need for a separate bus coupler. The four binary input can be connected potential-free contacts. The input 1 can be used to connect a Fernfuehlers for the temperature measurement in the floor. Two entrances are configured as outputs (max. 0.8 mA). The control function provides single room temperature control. The controller detects an internal or external Temperature sensor the current room temperature and processed them with an adjustable temperature setpoint to a manipulated variable. It can thus actuators for modulating control than be driven with a switching control signal. With the thumbwheel for the temperature setpoint is moved. A Praesenztaster is used to switch between comfort and standby mode. The current states are indicated by LEDs on the continuous controller. For project design and commissioning of the unit ETS3.0d is recommended. Connecting the Corridors externern the use of a switch junction box is recommended. Controls: - 5 modes: comfort, standby, night, Frost-/Hitzeschutz- and controller inhibit (eg dew point) - Heating / Kuehlfunktionen: heating, cooling, heating and cooling, basic and additional heating, ground and Zusatzkuehlen - Preset control parameters for try from heating or Heatsink - Controller switched off (dew point) or control or operation of the controller can be blocked - Valve protection function (valve is opened cyclically every 24 hours) - Control modes: Continuous PI control, switching PI control (PWM) and switching 2-point control (on / off) - Temperature measurement over an internal and / or external sensor input (averaging for large premises) Corridors: - Free assignment of the functions switching, dimming, blind and value transmitter to the entrances - Blocker for blocking individual Corridors - Behaviour on bus voltage for each input can be configured separately - Telegram rate limitation - Switching function: two independent switching objects for each input and enabled individually, command for rising and falling edge independently adjustable (ON, OFF, TOGGLE, no reaction) - Dimming function: Single-surface and Zweiflaechenbedienung, time between dimming and switching and dimming step adjustable Telegram repetition and send stop telegram possible - Blind function: Command on rising edge adjustable (no function, UP, DOWN, TOGGLE), Operation concept configured (Step - Move - Step or Move - Step ), time between short-and long-time operation, slat adjustment - Value transmitter and light scene extension: edge (pushbutton as NO contact, push button as NC contact, switch) and value with edge configured, value adjustment with push over long push for encoder possible, light scene extension with / without Memory function - Function Temperature sensor: A channel button interface can be used as an external werden.Ausgaenge Temperature sensor for the thermostat: - Situated opposite the switching of max. 2 outputs Leitungslaenge inputs and outputs: max. Leitungslaenge 5 m Temperature sensor: max. 50 m Ambient temperature: -5 C to +45 C Protection: IP 20

Type: 149300
Quantity: 1 unit.
Lieske Part No.: 303647
24,62 EUR
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297100Gira Gruppenzentrale - nurse call system headquarters group 834
Type: Gruppenzentrale
Sales unit: 1 pc
Lieske Part No.: 110891
357,21 EUR
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