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licences from Fujitsu

Manufacturer no.DescriptionPriceAnzahl Bestellen
S26361-F2567-L579FUJITSU S26361-F2567-L579
Lieske Part No.: 601768
12.409,00 EUR
S26361-F3669-L670Fujitsu RAID Advanced Software Option Avago CacheCade license Key intern - S26361-F3669-L670

Lieske Part No.: 485393
279,00 EUR
Graduated prices
S26361-F3669-L671Fujitsu S26361-F3669-L671 - RAID Advanced Software Option Avago CacheCade license Key extern

Lieske Part No.: 485409
222,00 EUR
Graduated prices
S26361-F5243-L660Fujitsu S26361-F5243-L660 - MegaRAID Advanced Software Options Licence 1 Controller Field
Lieske Part No.: 566446
226,00 EUR
Graduated prices
S26361-F5243-L670Fujitsu RAID Advanced Software Option Avago CacheCade license Key - S26361-F5243-L670

Lieske Part No.: 485410
224,00 EUR
Graduated prices
S26361-F5294-L740Fujitsu S26361-F5294-L740 - Premium L3 Software Licensce Brocade ICX7450 ICX7450 PREM LIC

Lieske Part No.: 112763
1.049,00 EUR
Graduated prices
S26361-K915-V102FUJITSU S26361-K915-V102
10000VA / 10000W TOWER/RACK IN
Lieske Part No.: 724406
4.379,00 EUR
U11081-C406Fujitsu U11081-C406 - OPENFT WINDOWS V12 0 Update license System expandable 1 4 CPU required

Lieske Part No.: 876901
635,00 EUR
Graduated prices
U15000-C289Fujitsu ServerView Suite current version - U15000-C289
inklusive Installation Manager
Lieske Part No.: 939664
26,99 EUR
Graduated prices
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