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spareparts from Fujitsu

Manufacturer no.DescriptionPriceAnzahl Bestellen
S26391-F1504-L200Fujitsu DVD Super Multi Reader/writer - S26391-F1504-L200

Lieske Part No.: 522409
68,99 EUR
Graduated prices
S26391-F1529-L520Fujitsu Stylus Pen Tips - S26391-F1529-L520

Lieske Part No.: 178473
20,99 EUR
Graduated prices
S26391-F1552-L400Fujitsu S26391-F1552-L400 - 4GB DDR4 2133 MHz PC4 17000

Lieske Part No.: 395083
91,99 EUR
Graduated prices
S26391-F1553-L150Fujitsu S26391-F1553-L150 - HDD SATA 1TB 5 4k

Lieske Part No.: 395033
169,00 EUR
Graduated prices
S26391-F1554-L200Fujitsu S26391-F1554-L200 - DVD Super Multi readerwriter

Lieske Part No.: 394682
68,99 EUR
Graduated prices
S26391-F1554-L300Fujitsu S26391-F1554-L300 - Blu ray Triple Writer

Lieske Part No.: 395130
146,00 EUR
Graduated prices
S26391-F1554-L400Fujitsu S26391-F1554-L400 - Weight saver modular bay

Lieske Part No.: 395421
18,99 EUR
Graduated prices
S26391-F1554-L700Fujitsu 2nd HDD bay module HDD S936 / 7mm disk - S26391-F1554-L700

Lieske Part No.: 394549
35,99 EUR
Graduated prices
S26391-F1555-L530Fujitsu S26391-F1555-L530 - LTE Upgrade Kit technicians

Lieske Part No.: 394969
139,00 EUR
Graduated prices
S26391-F1556-L200Fujitsu S26391-F1556-L200 - 1st Battery 6cell 77Wh 7 100mAh S936

Lieske Part No.: 395562
99,00 EUR
Graduated prices
S26391-F1575-L530Fujitsu S26391-F1575-L530 - 4G/LTE upgrade kit

Lieske Part No.: 238352
139,00 EUR
S26391-F1576-L100Fujitsu Battery 6cell 6700mAh - S26391-F1576-L100

Lieske Part No.: 238401
109,00 EUR
Fujitsu S26391-F163-B221 - Spare Part KEYBOARD BLACK AH532 (DE) 38020446 (S)

Lieske Part No.: 347834
48,99 EUR
Graduated prices
S26391-F1800-L805Fujitsu S26391-F1800-L805 - DVD Win7 LIFEBOOK

Lieske Part No.: 631316
17,99 EUR
Graduated prices
S26391-F1800-L806Fujitsu S26391-F1800-L806 - DVD Win8 Win8 1 LIFEBOOK

Lieske Part No.: 631238
17,99 EUR
Graduated prices
S26391-F1810-L801Fujitsu S26391-F1810-L801 - Drivers Utilities DVD MobileH Win10

Lieske Part No.: 238442
17,99 EUR
S26391-F1810-L808Fujitsu S26391-F1810-L808 - DVD Win7 LIFEBOOK ST2015

Lieske Part No.: 522415
17,99 EUR
Graduated prices
S26391-F1810-L809Fujitsu S26391-F1810-L809 - DVD Win8 Win8 1 LIFEBOOK ST2015

Lieske Part No.: 522416
17,99 EUR
Graduated prices
S26391-F2112-B234Fujitsu S26391-F2112-B234 - SparePart Keyboard Lifebook A555 black (US) 38044211 (S)

Lieske Part No.: 638035
25,99 EUR
S26391-F2157-L100Fujitsu S26391-F2157-L100 - DVD Super multi reader writer A556 & A556/G

Lieske Part No.: 431656
68,99 EUR
Graduated prices
S26391-F2166-L100Fujitsu S26391-F2166-L100

Lieske Part No.: 605618
137,00 EUR
Graduated prices
S26391-F2166-L200Fujitsu UMTS upgrade kit technicians - S26391-F2166-L200

Lieske Part No.: 605672
117,00 EUR
Graduated prices
S26391-F2169-L110Fujitsu S26391-F2169-L110 - Pen Tips

Lieske Part No.: 605709
20,99 EUR
Graduated prices
S26391-F2169-L120Fujitsu S26391-F2169-L120 - Pen Holder

Lieske Part No.: 832339
14,99 EUR
S26391-F2169-L400Fujitsu S26391-F2169-L400

Lieske Part No.: 179087
39,99 EUR
Graduated prices
S26391-F6055-L320Fujitsu USB 3 0 certified cable 2m - S26391-F6055-L320

Lieske Part No.: 111464
14,99 EUR
Graduated prices
S26391-F6099-L500Fujitsu S26391-F6099-L500 - USB UHD DP Adapter USB3 0 Ultra High Definition Grafik DisplayPort

Lieske Part No.: 832373
77,99 EUR
S26391-F7139-L51Fujitsu S26391-F7139-L51 - Communicator Headset

Lieske Part No.: 240565
22,99 EUR
S26391-F7200-L500Fujitsu S26391-F7200-L500 - IOT001 Battery Pack Battery Pack 1x exchangeable lithium ion battery

Lieske Part No.: 832411
64,99 EUR
S26391-F7200-L501Fujitsu S26391-F7200-L501 - IOT001 Charger Set Battery Charger AC Adapter EU UK cable

Lieske Part No.: 832413
224,00 EUR
S26391-F7200-L502Fujitsu S26391-F7200-L502 - IOT001 Soft Parts Soft Belts top front cussions Belt wearable keyboard

Lieske Part No.: 832466
144,00 EUR
S26391-F7200-L503Fujitsu S26391-F7200-L503 - Hard Case HMD IOT001 Hard Case Head Mounted Display IOT001 2 layers HMD

Lieske Part No.: 832481
393,00 EUR
SGT:ST2000DM001-AFFujitsu SGT:ST2000DM001-AF - SparePart 2TB SATA 8 9cm 3 5inch Celsius Esprimo PC 34037305 (S)

Lieske Part No.: 457858
120,00 EUR
Graduated prices
SGT:ST31000524ASFujitsu SGT:ST31000524AS - SparePart 1TB SATA 8 9cm 3 5inch Celsius Esprimo PC 34033492 (S)

Lieske Part No.: 933342
95,99 EUR
SGT:ST3500413ASFujitsu SGT:ST3500413AS - SparePart HDD 500GB SATA 7200rpm 8 9cm 3 5inch Primergy Celsius PC

Lieske Part No.: 599343
82,99 EUR
SGT:ST3600057SSFujitsu SGT:ST3600057SS - SparePart 600GB SAS 15k 8 9cm 3 5inch Celsius M470 2 R570 2 R670 2 (S)

Lieske Part No.: 729705
260,00 EUR
SGT:ST9500420AS-CPFujitsu SGT:ST9500420AS-CP - SparePart 500GB SATA 4 6cm 2 5inch Lifebook Celsius 34027915 (S)

Lieske Part No.: 285039
200,00 EUR
Graduated prices
SMX:TS-T633CFujitsu SMX:TS-T633C - SparePart DVD SATA SL Esprimo 34029869 (S)
Fujitsu Technology Solutions verfügt über einzigartige Erfahrungen im Enterprise Computing, gehört zu den führenden Anbietern professioneller PC-Lösungen für Geschäftskunden und ist der Marktführer im Privatkunden-Markt. Erfahrene Experten von Fujitsu Technology Solutions und kompetente Partner stellen ihr Know-how für die spezifischen Kundenanforderungen im Hinblick auf Technologie, Projektmanagement und Dienstleistungen zur Verfügung. Gemeinsam mit dem Kunden werden maßgeschneiderte IT-Lösungen realisiert, damit sich die Investitionen schnellstmöglich amortisieren, Leistungspotenziale ausgeschöpft und Wettbewerbsvorteile für die Kunden erreicht werden.
Lieske Part No.: 985948
47,99 EUR
Graduated prices
Fujitsu SNP:A3C40094788 - SparePart Fan AFC0712DE 7K1M Primergy 38010022 (S)

Lieske Part No.: 364855
22,99 EUR
Graduated prices
Fujitsu SNP:A3C40133291 - SparePart Fan Modul 70x70 Primergy RX2520 M1 RX300 S7 S8 38019675 (S)

Lieske Part No.: 987244
26,99 EUR
Graduated prices
Fujitsu T26139-Y3930-V601 - SparePart Cable LTG SATA Full Power Primergy Celsius PC 38019652 (S)

Lieske Part No.: 124257
7,99 EUR
Graduated prices
T26139-Y3946-V601Fujitsu T26139-Y3946-V601 - SparePart GFX Power cable Celsius R920 M720 34036288 (S)

Lieske Part No.: 265561
8,99 EUR
Graduated prices
Fujitsu T26139-Y3957-V201 - Spare Part CABLE DVI DVI/VGA 34010513 (S)
Dual monitoring possible via Y DVI-DVI/VGA splitter cable (optional - T26139-Y3957-V201)
Lieske Part No.: 116273
12,99 EUR
Graduated prices
T26139-Y3964-V111Fujitsu T26139-Y3964-V111 - SparePart mSAS SATA Multi Connector Cable 300mm 38019257 (S)

Lieske Part No.: 808516
17,99 EUR
Fujitsu T26139-Y3969-V401 - SparePart cable power SAS Primergy 38019657 (S)

Lieske Part No.: 328909
15,99 EUR
Graduated prices
Fujitsu T26139-Y4028-V102 - SparePart SATA Cable Celius PC 34032045 (S)

Lieske Part No.: 808198
5,99 EUR
Graduated prices
TAV:LTC-R400Fujitsu TAV:LTC-R400

Lieske Part No.: 179675
46,99 EUR
Graduated prices
V26808-B8579-V10Fujitsu V26808-B8579-V10 - SparePart UMTS Modul Gobi 3000 Lifebook A530 34032794 (S)
Anytime-anywhere Internet access is the key to increasing productivity in today's truly mobile workforce. Gobi is the built-in notebook technology from Qualcomm that delivers fast and secure connectivity wherever business takes you. With Gobi technology, if you can use your mobile phone, you can use the Internet. It's mobile Internet. It's that simple.

Today, organizations must select the 3G technology network their employees will access before they procure notebooks with built-in mobile Internet. Gobi technology makes it possible to procure and support one wireless device that works on multiple wireless networks. With Gobi technology, IT departments have the flexibility to deploy a single notebook model for all regions. This single Gobi SKU reduces IT support and qualification costs since there is no longer a need to manage geo-specific notebook models.

With notebooks featuring multi-mode Gobi technology, employees can take advantage of the high-speed data access services offered by leading 3G network carriers around the world. Because Gobi technology is built in, there is no longer the need to carry and support several external cards. Transparent global connectivity increases productivity for your employees while reducing support and asset management costs for IT.
Lieske Part No.: 637422
80,99 EUR
Graduated prices
Fujitsu V26815-B116-V63 - SparePart Fan 120x25mm Celsius 34030977 (S)

Lieske Part No.: 276880
15,99 EUR
Graduated prices
V26815-B116-V73Fujitsu V26815-B116-V73 - SparePart System Fan 92X92X25 Esprimo P2560 34024480 (S)

Lieske Part No.: 105555
13,99 EUR
Graduated prices
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