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Accessories from Bury Technologies

Manufacturer no.DescriptionPriceAnzahl Bestellen
0-03-03-0037-0_LFBury Technologies 0-03-03-0037-0_LF - external microphone (long 3m) BURY Motion

Lieske Part No.: 687260
16,73 EUR
Graduated prices
Bury Technologies 0-07-16-0063-0 - installation pad CC9060/CC9068 display (foot ball joint)

Lieske Part No.: 686479
12,41 EUR
Graduated prices
Bury Technologies 0-07-16-0084-0 - Window mount universal charging cradle BURY Motion

Lieske Part No.: 748034
16,08 EUR
Graduated prices
Bury Technologies 0-07-16-0087-0 - Car Mount (adhesive attachment) BURY Motion

Lieske Part No.: 234701
13,34 EUR
Graduated prices
Bury Technologies 0-18-00-0029-0 - AC5120 switchbox ISO connector BURY Handsfree

Lieske Part No.: 426260
23,63 EUR
Graduated prices
0-54-0503-1Bury Technologies 0-54-0503-1 - Clip attachment Easy Touch

Lieske Part No.: 593086
4,13 EUR
Graduated prices
Bury Technologies 07-25-0015-0 - Holder CL1010 Time

Lieske Part No.: 307199
15,99 EUR
Graduated prices
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