BlackBox WC-COA-I Coalesce Wireless Collaboration System

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Product information for BlackBox WC-COA-I:

Create a wireless collaboration environment for meeting facilities

  • Create a wireless collaboration environment in any room using laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Create. Connect. Collaborate. — The easy way to share information over a projector or screens.
  • Unlimited users, any device.
  • Compact form factor is easy to deploy behind flat panels and above projectors.
  • Compatible with virtually any displays near you via HDMI connection.
  • Warranty: 1 year, options for extension

Wireless, Real-Time Collaboration
Create, connect, and begin true collaboration with Coalesce. Everyone’s ideas are a few clicks away, and shared instantly with other users.

Bring Your Own Device
Cast any device’s screen to the Coalesce-enabled display. Use your laptop, tablet, iOS, or Android device. For mobile devices, Coalesce directs you to the app store to download the free client app.

Unlimited Users
Collaborate with more people. Coalesce allows an unlimited number of users to share ideas and information.

Unlimited Shared Items
Each connected user can share an unlimited number of items simultaneously.

Live stream desktop
Share single desktop applications
Stream images and videos directly from the source to the display.

Resize and place content freely on the display, put linked media in a waiting position and recall it with the mouse or a finger wish.

Dual-Network Mode
Connect over wired, built-in wireless network, or both. Provide guest users the ability to connect to Coalesce and collaborate without sacrificing network security.

Enterprise Remote Management
Use Coalesce Central to monitor and manage any number of Coalesce units from a centralized, intuitive dashboard.

Easy Installation
The Coalesce unit fits behind displays, above a projector, or on a table. Leverage your existing infrastructure or deploy it as a hotspot using its built-in wireless access point.

Touch Interactivity
With support for touch displays, Coalesce enables multiple users to work together or independently.
Note: touch-enabled screen required.

One-Click Software Updates
Access new features and upgrades on Coalesce with one-click software updates.

Optional Encryption
Protect sensitive information optionally via encryption for network traffic between Coalesce and user devices.


Product Reviews for BlackBox WC-COA-I Coalesce Wireless Collaboration System

Am 15.06.2017 von Patrick Mertens

Top Gerät, universell einsetzbar

Auch wenn es sich hier um ein hochpreisiges Gerät handelt, es ist wirklich universell einsetzbar mit jeglichen Endgeräten. Die Investition unseres Hotels in 6 Geräte für unsere Tagungsräume hat sich gelohnt. Die Probleme mit fehlenden Anschlüssen oder Kabeln/Adaptern sind Geschichte. Unsere Gäste bewerten das neue System durchgehend positiv. Vielen Dank auch für die intensive Beratung und Begleitung bei der Einführung.