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licences from Axis

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Axis 0333-011 - Cross Line Detection licence
AXIS Cross Line Detection is a tripwire application installable on Axis network cameras and video encoders. The application detects moving objects that cross a virtual line, making it possible to automatically trigger an event. AXIS Cross Line Detection will increase system efficiency by reducing bandwidth and storage needs, and it facilitates search of recorded events. AXIS Cross Line Detection is an application especially suitable for general entrance and exit detection in low traffic areas. It detects objects such as persons and vehicles that cross a defined virtual line. The application will work in most indoor and outdoor installations and in variable lighting conditions. It is well suited for many situations, including video monitoring of building entrances, loading docks, and parking lots. AXIS Cross Line Detection is easy to configure. A virtual line is positioned in the camera's live view and the detection direction is set. Once placed in the image there is no need for further adjustments. The real time visual confirmation validates in an easy way that the application detects objects correctly. AXIS Cross Line Detection integrates with the camera's internal event manager enabling various system notifications.

Lieske Part No.: 152770
22,99 EUR
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Axis 0333-031 - Camera Station software upgrade Cross Line Detection 10
0333-031AXIS Cross Line Detection is an access control application for installation on network cameras and video encoders from Axis. Detects When Objects The application cross a virtual line in motion and Automatically triggers to event.
Lieske Part No.: 551841
213,00 EUR
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Axis 0333-051 - Cross Line Detection Licence 50 licences
License code that grants installation of Axis Cross Line Detection application on one camera/encoder.
Lieske Part No.: 311263
1.169,00 EUR
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Axis 0735-001 - Network Camera Sensor Unit F1025 sensor 3Meter
0735-0013 meters sensor 92 ° 1080p and WDRZur Verwenundg with Axis F14 Main Unit
Lieske Part No.: 388367
189,00 EUR
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