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Maintenance contracts from ASUS

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ASUS offers you the best service quality at the most reasonable price by extending your Notebook warranty and service level. In order to broaden ASUS Notebook services, customers can now receive complete service repair protection once their warranty expires. This can be done with an additional purchase of ASUS Warranty Extension Package. This will save possible repair cost and precious time as well as ensuring your notebook will continue to perform at its peak conditions. This Service Package is most suited for family, office, and SOHO clients.

Lieske Part No.: 956453
83,99 EUR
Graduated prices
Asus Service/Support 1 Year Extended Warranty Service Service Depot - 90R-OA00WR1300T

Lieske Part No.: 660086
39,99 EUR
Graduated prices
Asus Premium Care 1 Year Extended Warranty Warranty Collect & Return - ACX10-000815NB
2 years Pick Up and Return + 1 year PURseries for notebook
Lieske Part No.: 912003
58,99 EUR
Graduated prices
Asus WARRANTY 3YR 2 years Pick Return 1 year notebook Series PU 301 NBD - ACX10-001900NB
2 years Pick Up and Return + 1 year for notebook Series PU 301, NBD
Lieske Part No.: 912578
40,99 EUR
Graduated prices
Asus WARRANTY 3YR 2 years Pick Return 1 year notebook Series NBD - ACX10-002200NB
2 years Pick Up and Return + 1 year for notebook P Series, NBD
Lieske Part No.: 912873
40,99 EUR
Graduated prices
Asus Warranty/Support 2 Year Extended Warranty Warranty 8 5 Service Depot - ACX13-002507NB
Asus ACX13-002507NB, pick-up and return, 5x8, B33, B551, BU201, BU401
Lieske Part No.: 912459
58,99 EUR
Graduated prices
Asus Service/Support 2 Year Service 8 5 site Technical Physical Service - ACX13-005110NB
Asus ACX13-005110NB, pick-up and return, 5x8, PU301
Lieske Part No.: 912584
46,99 EUR
Graduated prices
Asus WARRANTY 3YR 3 years LOSS NBD (2 years 1 year) PU301 Notebook Series - ACX13-005120NB
3 years LOSS NBD (2 years + 1 year) for Asus PU301 Notebook Series
Lieske Part No.: 912732
78,99 EUR
Graduated prices
ACX13-005410NBAsus WARRANTY 2YR F/ PRO P550/P750/P751 - ACX13-005410NB
F / Asus PRO P550 / P750 / P751 IN
Lieske Part No.: 913182
40,99 EUR
Graduated prices
Asus Warranty/Support 3 Year Extended Warranty Warranty 9 6 Business Day site - ACX13-005420NB
Extension 3 years LOSS NBD (2 years + 1 year) for Asus P Notebook Series
Lieske Part No.: 912772
86,99 EUR
Graduated prices
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